The Gentlemen Baristas

Address 163 Piccadilly, London W1J 9ED

The Gentlemen Baristas’ well mannered roastery and coffee house has created a selection of gifts for coffee lovers. Inspired by the age-old traditions of serving a superb cup of coffee and providing a meeting point for London’s modern day visionaries, The Gentlemen Baristas pride themselves in serving exceptional, specialty coffee.

Coffees are suitable for cafetiere, aeropress or espresso lovers and each coffee from The Gentlemen Baristas is eccentrically named after different types of hats, since the bowler hat is said to have been designed in 1849, by the London hat-makers Bowler & Bowler, right around the corner from The Gentlemen Baristas’ first coffee house in Southwark and across the road there was a tophat-maker.

Choose from Deerstalker a coffee blend from Brazil and Colombia, complete with notes of chocolate, caramel and stone fruits to ‘Top Hat’ a single origin from Nicaragua, with tasting notes of apricot jam and nectarine.

The magnanimous roasters top picks for novices to aficionados include:

For the filter coffee novice, The Gentlemen Baristas V60 beginner Filter Coffee Bundle £55.00 plus first-class shipping from The V60 is the classic coffee dripper that helps you filter and brew coffee to exacting standards. It’s great value and comes with a server and a bag of coffee, making it the perfect gift for home-brew beginners. The bundle includes:  Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper, Hario 02 FiltersbPapers, 250g Propeller single origin filter.

The Gentlemen Baristas V60 bundle

For espresso beginners, The Gentlemen Baristas Moka Pot Bundle £50.00 plus first-class shipping from The Moka Pot beginners bundle is ideal for those looking to discover the quick and easy Italian espresso brewing method. This bundle is great value and comes with a bag of espresso house blend, making it the perfect gift for home-brew beginners. The bundle includes: 3-cup Moka Pot in matte black, 2 x Loveramics Espresso Cup & Saucer Set, 250g Deerstalker espresso house blend.

For Aeropress beginners The Gentlemen Baristas Aeropress Bundle for filter coffee lovers who travel £45 plus first-class shipping from The ideal beginners bundle if you’re looking for an easy and affordable filter brewer set for home or travel use. The AeroPress is the first coffee maker that combines affordability and simplicity with the ability to produce top quality coffee. Including: Aeropress coffee maker, 8oz Keep Cup, 250g Bowler single origin filter.

The Gentlemen Baristas aeropress bundle

Available for purchase online, choose the perfect gift, delivered right to the recipients’ door.

For expert coffee tips and to try the hats, head to the baristas’ new brew bar at The Gentlemen Baristas flagship coffee house

163 Piccadilly St James W1J 9ED Piccadilly.

For more information visit The Gentlemen Baristas