Bedford Girls’ School

Telephone 01234 361918
Address Cardington Road, Bedford, MK42 0BX

Bedford Girls’ School is a forward thinking, selective day school for girls aged Year 7-18.

Our students soar; they are the creative thinkers, the change-makers and the problem-solvers of the future.

Underpinned by the International Baccalaureate philosophy of education we enable our students to develop the skills, self confidence and global outlook to make a real difference to the world around them.

We pride ourselves on our relaxed, joyful and purposeful environment where creativity and innovation ensure learning is engaging and fun.

Located on the banks of the Great River Ouse, in Bedford, we are well positioned for families in Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the borders of Northamptonshire.

Focus on the Future 

Today’s generation of students will step into a volatile world full of ambiguity. Young people need to think creatively, communicate effectively, work independently but be happy to collaborate. They will need to be agile and brave, not fear taking risks and see the opportunity inside every challenge. Examination results alone are not enough to guarantee success. We are focused on preparing them for this world, through the development of skills and attributes.

As an Apple Distinguished School we are leaders in the integration of technology in education, ensuring our students have the flexibility and skills to seamlessly use technology in creative and original ways. We collaborate with educationalists and industry experts to ensure we are staying at the forefront of technological innovations which will future proof our students’ skills.

Developing Intellect and Independent Thinking 

Pupils make rapid progress in developing knowledge, skills and understanding as a result of high expectations and effectively prepared teaching” ISI report 2020

From Year 3 to Upper Sixth the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate informs our approach to learning, our students are always at the centre of learning.

Our Junior School follow the IB Primary Years Programme, enabling our students to question, discover, enquire and take self-responsibility for their actions and learning. As they move through School they are encouraged to use their skills and attributes in the pursuit of personal knowledge, global understanding and meaningful action.

Mrs Carolyn Howe, BGS Head of Junior School

In the Senior School we extend and challenge the students through the GCSE years, and when they enter Sixth Form we offer the choice of either the IB Diploma Programme or A Levels.

We always encourage our students to find their unique voices, to question the status-quo, as they develop a wider understanding of the world.

Cultivating a Global Outlook

Pupils’ moral awareness and social development is excellent. Their respectful behaviour, both in lessons and around the school, illustrates their strong moral values.”  — ISI report 2020

We are a warm welcoming community of over 975 students. Every member of our community is valued and we celebrate our differences, acknowledging that these make us a more powerful group as a whole.

We are extremely proud of our diversity; across the year we come together to celebrate and commemorate significant festivals and events which are important to all members of our community.

Bedford Girls School at the U15 National Schools Lacrosse Championships in 2020

It is important to us that our students recognise their role in a wider global context, that they see the endless possibilities and always remain curious to the perspectives of others.

Our Alumnae are engaged in mentoring and guiding our students to investigate the wider world and introduce them to new opportunities and aspirations.

All students take part in community service programmes, and learn from an early age the importance of taking agency, both through the curriculum and co-curricular programmes.

Building Self-Confidence  

Pupils develop excellent life skills throughout every stage at the school”  — ISI report 2020

Our students benefit from an environment free from gender stereotypes. Our collegiate approach nurtures and challenges the students as they tackle critical decisions, develop independence and build an inner core of confidence.

We focus on each individual student to ensure she finds her passions. We encourage them to step out of their comfort zones, to try many new opportunities as they hone their interests and aspirations.

Mrs Gemma Gibson, BGS Headmistress

We are experts in understanding girls and our pastoral structure supports them at every stage of their development. We help them learn that failure is a pathway to success and about the importance of self-regulation. Growing up is never straightforward and we work in partnership with students and parents to navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes.

Celebrating Outstanding Achievements 

Our 2020 ISI Report found the School “excellent in all areas”.

We achieve outstanding success, each year our GCSE, A Level and IB Diploma results set the students up for success.

In 2022, over 91% of our Upper Sixth students achieved their first or second choice university places; our combined average. Over 80% of Upper Sixth our entries achieved A*-B (A Level/IB Diploma combined).  Our average IB Diploma score was an exceptional 40 points. Over 70% of our GCSE entries were awarded a grade 9-7.

We are a top sports school and support many of our students with their aspirations to perform at an international level. Our first class dance, drama and music departments help students find and hone their passions for performance.      

Throughout the School, pupils achieve excellent standards in a wide array of co-curricular activities and pursuits. They have gained considerable success in sport, music, speech and drama and academic competitions” — ISI Report 2020

Admissions and Bursaries

We are a selective school for girls from Year 3 to Upper Sixth.

Entrance is based upon the results of Cognitive Assessment Testing (CAT), references from a student’s current school and an interview with the Headmistress. All Junior School candidates attend an activities session in lieu of an interview.

We run an annual assessment period in January, with offers of places being made in February; however, we are happy to welcome candidates for late assessments, where space is available, throughout the year. 

Every year we are able to offer a limited number of means tested academic bursaries from Year 7- Upper Sixth.

We welcome applications from overseas pupils, who have the right to study in the UK, and are happy to offer online overseas assessments.

Contact our Admissions Team to arrange an in person visit or a virtual meeting:; 01234 361900.