Strathallan School

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Address Forgandenny, Perthshire, PH2 9EG

About the School:

Founded a century ago, Strathallan School continues to thrive on the core values set out by the founder Harry Riley: “At Strathallan they aim to provide outstanding education, academic, social and extra-curricular elements, which give opportunities for all pupils to excel, developing their ability to benefit themselves and others.”  It is an ethos that is shared in the business world and many of Strathallan’s pupils strive to become some of the country’s most inspirational corporate leaders.  They believe that giving each pupil a chance to shine in something, gaining experience and confidence to develop their talents along the way, would be beneficial to wider society.  Holding a strong reputation with an extensive portfolio of achievements, Strathallan is known for providing a high-quality boarding and day establishment and creating a wonderful environment to allow children to grow and develop. It is vital that the educational process provides a variety of opportunities to ensure pupils are equipped to deal with the challenges that will face them when they leave school.

Our Location:

  • Set in glorious countryside on a site of 153 acres;
  • Offering a safe and secure environment;
  • Within 10 minutes of the City of Perth and 40 minutes from the nearest international airport, it makes the commute from London Heathrow less than two hours and considerably more accessible for those living around the world.

Key Facts:

  • The new refurbished Junior House is situated within its own campus, as well as enjoying the facilities of the main School;
  • Senior Houses feature individual study-bedrooms for privacy.
  • Wi-Fi internet access throughout the School;
  • Extensive playing fields, strength & conditioning centre, very successful Tennis and Clay Pigeon Shooting Academies and a golf course are just some of the facilities we have to offer;
  • Design Technology Centre and Art School;
  • Over 55 activities to choose from weekly;
  • A high percentage of boarders and therefore the School offers a programme which spans 7 days;
  • All-encompassing School offering an all-round education;
  • No set weekend exeats which means children can stay at School throughout the term only having to leave at half term or at the end of term;
  • 368 of our 563 pupils are full boarders, 12% of the School Role is international from 33 different countries.

Strathallan challenges the children, encouraging them to be as good as they can be.  It is a world where they make friends easily and where our staff ensure exceptional standards of care both within and beyond the classroom.  The pupils are nurtured, motivated and inspired; it is a home from home where they feel safe and happy and therefore excel in whatever they do.


“The School revolves around boarding, with two-thirds of the 557 full boarders. Being a member of the Strathallan community is a wonderful experience in itself, but crucially it is also an outstanding preparation for the future, which Strathallan can certainly say with pride is what they offer.”
A visiting Professor

“Opportunities for all to excel –this philosophy plays a vital role in the School. Be it in the classroom, or beyond in music, sport or theatre, there are genuinely opportunities for everyone. From spending time here at Strath, I have come to realise that you must grasp at every opportunity with open arms. In every chapter of your life here, new opportunities present themselves to you in various shapes and forms……”
Head Boy

“I have to say I was completely won over by the atmosphere in the School. From the youngest to the eldest the pupils seemed like such a happy confident bunch – it was a pleasure to see. The staff too seemed not only professional but also had an air about them of people who just knew they had found themselves in the right place. All in all, I shall happily report to all I meet that Strathallan is a great place to be.”
Neil Oliver, TV presenter and historian

“Conquering all at Strathallan is more than achieving top grades; it’s about having the ability to be confident in whatever you’re doing, knowing that you couldn’t have given any more and having that feeling of holding your head high in a way that demonstrates inner belief and determination.”
Head Girl

“Making the transition between school and university is certainly made easier by the strong academic and social grounding that going to Strathallan provides.”
Former pupil (
achieved a First at Cambridge University)

“I am already in love with the School after only my second week. I looked out of my bedroom window this morning and was greeted with the most spectacular views and glorious sunshine. I am in awe of the quality of teaching and can’t believe how much I have learnt. I have learnt more in two weeks than the equivalent to what would take a term to cover at my previous school, which is one of the most famous schools in the southern hemisphere and one of the elite seven. It is no secret that Scotland offers the highest education in the world. I am just delighted that I have been made so welcome and settled in so quickly.”  Charlie, new international boarder

For more information or to arrange a visit please email Tessa Howard-Vyse on or call her on 01738 812546


Junior Day – £4310
Junior Boarding – £6906
Senior Day – £6570
Senior Boarding Fees – £9682