Presents for chocoholics

A glamorous and indulgent way to someone’s heart this Christmas is to give the best quality chocolate, in the most chic packaging. La Maison Du Chocolat does both very well and their Christmas collection, celebrating thirty years in the trade, has a fantastic selection, from simple and appealing to pure indulgence: the Pearl collection is inspired by one of the world’s most precious jewels.

There are three elements to the range:

*The Pearl of Ganache, a stunning pearl-shaped gift box containing chocolates inspired by regions worldwide which have been home to some of the most beautiful pearls in history.

*The Bauble of Pearls, a spherical bubble cast in dark chocolate which holds a selection of iridescent pearl chocolates cast in festive gold, bronze, pink and white. The heart of the piece is filled with crystals for an extra element of luxury.

*The Pearl Pastry Christmas Collection are lovely pieces topped with La Maison Du Chocolat’s signature layer of crispy chocolate; underneath lie surprises including a dacqoise blended with caramelized hazelnuts from Piemont, Grand cru chocolate mousse, lightly spiced cake and vanilla infused crème brulee. Each is adorned with an iridescent pearl of its own.

To find out more about the range, or to get hold of an original and delicious present, perfect for under or hanging from the tree, visit the shop on Piccadilly or visit their website.