Who to see at the Field & Country Fair: Rachel Green

Country Life talks to Rachel Green, who will be demonstrating how to rustle up a shoot lunch at Cornbury Park in June.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green is a TV chef and a committed ambassador of British produce. 

Describe what you do:

“As a caterer, I’ve cooked for 8 to 800, many times for the Royal Family, and for several years I also ran my own restaurant, Grainthorpe Hall.”

Rachel has published two books, the Chatsworth Cookery Book and Sausages: Making the Most of the Great British Sausage. She is currently writing and developing recipes for her third cookery book and has recently launched her street food business, Rachel Green’s Purple Chilli Kitchen, which will be bringing her street food menu to festivals throughout the summer.

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How did you get in to your line of work?

“My grandmother was a brilliant cook, as is my mother. I picked up my first kitchen utensils when I was just three or four years old and I’ve never looked back. I helped lamb ewes, lift potatoes; strip peas form the vine and combine the wheat. We never had convenience food, and I was brought up to make the most of what was available. My family has been farming in Lincolnshire since 1650. Throughout the generations, we have been taught that food is a precious commodity and should not only be enjoyed, but also respected.”

What is your USP?

“My sense of humour, you need one in the kitchen. I would like to think I am the Madonna of the food world, I have to keep re-inventing myself, there’s no time to sit still in this industry. I am lucky in that there are many facets to my business, and I am still excited by new challenges. I love my work, and I’ll keep going, until someone tells me it’s time to hang up my apron!”

Why should people come and see you at the Cornbury Park Field & Country Fair?

“When I give demonstrations, I’m very noisy. I shout and laugh my way through the dishes, and I especially try to capture the imagination of the younger audience. I love crowd participation, and being a Lincolnshire yellow belly, I try and inject plenty of witty banter into my cookery demonstrations.”

“I hope food lovers from near and far will don their wellies and head down to the cookery theatre at the Cornbury Park Field and Country Fair for some inspiration on how to rustle up a great shoot lunch.”

Rachel Green (www.rachel-green.co.uk)

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To purchase tickets, and find out more about the Field & Country Fair at Cornbury Park visit: www.fieldandcountryfair.com

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