Tom Kerridge’s perfect picnic: ‘I’m a big fan of cold meats and cheese’

This picnic is ideal for a day out watching sport – whether it's a rugby international, cricket match or the golf.

I’m a big fan of cold meats and cheese, so picnics are simply another reason to be eating them. Whether it’s hanging out in a farmer’s field or sitting around watching a match, a picnic is a great excuse to bond with family and friends. Just being outdoors and eating good food is a wonderful way to spend a summer’s day

Pork pie

Filling and meaty; arguably the best cold snack in the world

Pickled onions

Specifically, the big ones in a strong vinegar, so you can take bites out of them like an apple

Sausage roll

Annabelle King

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If you can find one made with rare-breed pork, the flavour is so much better than standard sausage meat

Selection of charcuterie

Great cold hams, sliced salamis and some spicy chorizos are a fantastic addition to any picnic

Strong Cheddar

A big lump is great as you can cut wedges off it. If the weather is warm, the cheese isn’t too sweaty and it doesn’t leak everywhere like a soft cheese might. Perfect for outdoor eating


Strong, white cabbage-led coleslaw adds a nice crunch and works as a salad without having to worry that it’s too warm. Also, as it has mayonnaise, it can act as a dressing

Pickled green chillies

I could eat a whole jar of these—that spice gives a real kick to anything you’re eating, working nicely with both the cheese and the meat

Jar of English mustard

Annabelle King

Great for spreading on both the sausage rolls and the pork pies

Apples and grapes

A lovely pudding alternative and you don’t have to worry about keeping them in the fridge. The fruit also works really well with the cheese

Diet ginger beer

My go-to drink

‘Dopamine Diet’ by Tom Kerridge is out now (Bloomsbury, £26)