An Interesting Opportunity

A scheme to promote salmon fishing on one of one of Scotland?s most productive rivers is to provide an innovative way of owning fishing property. The syndication scheme on the river Thurso involves the sale of quarter shares in a 99 year lease plus the option to build one of four purpose-built fishing lodges. It is the brainchild of Lord Thurso and Angus Estates Ltd and is expected to raise well in excess of £3 million.

Simon Laird of Angus Estates explains: ?What we are trying to achieve on the Thurso is something which I think will be unique to the river, and which will see investment, not just in the river but in the county generally?.

The Thurso is among the best salmon rivers in the north, regularly producing over 1,000 salmon per annum and has the rare advantage of being in single ownership from its source to the sea. As a result, it is possible to control all aspects of its management, from the upstream habitat right down to the mouth of the sea.

The river is some 34 miles long, including the less frequented waters above Loch More, and twelve beats fall within the scheme, along with Loch More. Fishing is by fly only, with no obligation to return fish. Buying a quarter share in the fishings will entitle the owner to have six people on the river, fishing in pairs, throughout the duration of the season (January 11th to October 5th).

aerial view of the Turso

?One of the key elements in this scheme is that when you buy into it, you are not just buying the right to one rod for one week of the season,? says Roddy d’Anyers Willis of Savills

In the past, the Thurso River has not been as fashionable as rivers such as the Helmsdale and the Naver, largely because it does not offer comparable accommodation. ?There is masses for non-fishers to do in Caithness, which is a hugely under-appreciated county, but for quite some time now, there has really been very little suitable accommodation for fishing parties? explains Roddy d’Anyers Willis. The proposed lodges will offer purchasers a private residence in which to entertain their friends. Architects’ plans have been drawn up to give an idea of what might be built.

Guide prices for the quarter shares in the fishings are in excess of £800,000 (exc. VAT), while the lodge sites are offered in excess of £50,000.

For further details, please contact: Roddy d’Anyers Willis, Savills Brechin: 01356 628600