D. purpurea, or the common foxglove, is a wonderful plant which grows with oval leaves and bright purple flowers which can be spotted in summer.

Order five of these colourful foxglove plants in 1 litre tubs for just £17.50 rather than the usual price of £22.50 at a saving of £5, follow this link to the Country Life Nursery or click through the image below.

From the Country Life Nursery, plants are mostly white or purple in colour with some having unusual
split flowers. Allow to seed in your garden for a variable colour range
of seedlings. Don’t be too keen to hoe seedlings as plants take two
years to flower from seed.

All plants supplied will be in flower
or have flowered this year. A random mix that will contain at least
two different colour and/or flower shapes.

Buy 5 plants in 1 litre pots from a mixed seed selection of Digitalis purpurea for just £17.50 (at a discount from the usual price of £22.50).