Gardening calendar: September gardening tips

What to do in the garden this September

As September arrives – and with it the autumn – your gardening jobs include preparing your plants and flowers for the winter ahead and harvesting the vegetables you’ve cared for over the summer. Read our top gardening tips for September.


Trim lavender

Time to give your lavender a haircut

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Cut nerines

Cut these beautiful autumn flowers to add colour to the displays in the house

Harvest vegetables

From courgettes to French beans and marrows, make sure you keep on top of your vegetable harvest this month

Plant paperwhites

Paperwhites are some of the prettiest spring bulbs and the first of the season

Harvest onions

Move your onions inside so they aren’t attacked by damp or autumn frosts

Deadhead your borders

Herbaceous plants need to be deadheaded thoroughly this month

Harvest sweetcorn

Make sure it’s properly ready to pick

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