Plant of the week: Pots of snowdrops

Plant pretty pots of snowdrops in your garden this weekend alongside winter aconite, a great harbinger of spring. The Country Life Nursery is offering two pots of snowdrops and one of winter aconite for just £7.65.

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Snowdrops are the nation’s sign that winter is coming to an end; they grow almost anywhere but enjoy scattering under trees and will spread across your garden in time. You can already see them all over the country and they will be here for another few weeks.

Eranthis are small perennials with small pretty leaves and cup-shaped flowers, and are related to the buttercup. Eranthis hyemalis is a perennial which can grow to 10cm and are often known as winter hellebore, or winter wolf’s bane. 

They grow well in fertile soil which doesn’t often dry out, and look good planted with roses or other shrubs.

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