When will your fruit be ready to pick? A complete A-to-Z guide to fruit in the gardens of Britain

From apples to strawberries, here's when the fruits in your garden will be ready to pick.

Whether you’re wondering about what fruit to plant in your garden or impatiently awaiting the appearance and ripening of the trees and bushes that are already growing, this handy guide from Bramley & Teal offers all you need to know.


When to pick: between August and November

An easily grown fruit, both dessert and cooking apples are popular fruits to grow. Bramley is the most popular variety of cooking apple, while favourite dessert apple types include Golden Delicious.


When to pick: between July and August

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Apricot plants may struggle to grow in colder areas, but in others they can thrive if left to grow in the sunshine, protected from frost.


When to pick: between July and September

Easily found in hedgerows from the late summer onwards, blackberries make for great jams and dessert fillings.


When to pick: between June and August

These easy to grow bunches of dark fruits have a tart flavour and can be turned into all sorts of things, from pies to jams, cordials and liqueurs.


When to pick: between July and September

Often regarded as a ‘superfood’, blueberries are great to grow not only for the end result but also for the pretty flowers that appear in the meantime.


When to pick: between June and August

Cherries are available in several varieties – some sweet and perfect for eating as is, while others are a little bitter when raw, but great when cooked into jams and desserts.


When to pick: between August and October

High in vitamins, these originally American berries are wonderful in sauces, stuffing and as an accompaniment to cooked meat.


When to pick: between August and October

Similar to plums, damsons grow on compact trees good for smaller gardens.


When to pick: between May and July

Start picking these flowers in the late springtime so that you’ll have enough to make a delicious elderflower cordial perfect for summer days.


When to pick: between June and August

An easy-to-grow soft fruit, be sure to take care when picking fully-ripened gooseberries, as they are likely to burst.


When to pick: between July and August

A cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, loganberries are best picked when they turn a deep red colour. Edible whether cooked or raw, it has a sharper flavour than raspberries.


When to pick: between August and October

Rarely found in shops, sometimes the only way to get a hold of mulberries is to pick them fresh from the tree. It may take several years for a mulberry tree to start bearing fruit.


When to pick: between August and November

Pears require very little care throughout the year and are the perfect fruit for autumn. The most popular varieties grown are the Conference and the Concorde.

Fresh juicy Conference pears… who can resist?


When to pick: between August and September

Even the smallest of gardens can grow plum trees! Ripening on the branch, plums can be eaten as soon as they are picked or made into jams and other sweet treats.


When to pick: between September and November

Similar in appearance to pears, quinces are large, yellow and aromatic fruits which are hard to find in most shops and supermarkets. Great for jellies and jams, they’re easy to look after and avoid many of the common problems that come with growing fruit.


When to pick: between June and October

With varieties ready to harvest in both the summer and the autumn, raspberries can be enjoyed much of the year. They also freeze well, meaning they can even be eaten in the winter.


When to pick: between June and August

Redcurrants are closely related to blackcurrants and grow well even in the colder areas of Britain, though the ripening process speeds up dramatically when they’re given some sun.


When to pick: between March and August

Technically classed as a vegetable, rhubarb becomes very sweet when stewed to make desserts such as pies and crumbles. Its long leaf stalks are red, pink or green in colour.


When to pick: between September and November

These brightly coloured hips can be found in hedgerows and, once cooked, are delicious in syrups and jellies.


When to pick: between October and December

A small, round stone fruit, sloes are an autumn fruit growing in popularity, thanks to their increasing use in homemade gins and other liqueurs.


When to pick: between June and September

Strawberries are so easy to grow at home and can be grown almost anywhere. They’re one of the signs that summer has arrived, famously paired with cream or champagne.

Nothing beats a fresh strawberry — unless it’s a fresh strawberry you’ve grown yourself.

How to make elderflower cordial and wine

The English summer is thought to start when the elder blossoms and ends when the berries ripen. Country Life recommends