Five reasons to travel in Europe by train


Europe may not be the biggest continent, but its certainly beautiful and diverse in culture, language and scenery. Each location is unique, and the ability to travel around and sample this variety is a special experience. Many travel by bus or plane, but there are a few reasons why you should consider European holidays by rail.

1. Flexibility

When travelling across various countries, the ability to be flexible is a huge advantage. Travelling by plane means a lot of preparation, whereas travelling by rail can be more adaptable. Some trains do not even require booking, although booking is advised for some journeys. Whilst the major routes can be quite busy at peak times, being able to go on trains of your choosing doesn’t tie your holiday or travel plans down to specific flights, which can often prove challenging.

Additionally, it needs to be said that trains don’t take up the boarding times airports demand you build into your journey.

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2. More Destinations

There are only so many places one can get to by plane. Whilst all major cities have an airport or two, more remote areas aren’t accessible unless you have your own transportation, but trains travel all over the country.

3. A Peace Of Mind

There is a certain elevation of stress that comes with travelling by train. This is primarily because you have more freedom. Furthermore, travelling by train allows you to admire the views as you make your way across Europe. Aeroplanes might give a top down view, but looking out a window of a train offers you a close up experience in the heart of a country’s culture as you travel with the locals.

4. More Choice

Furthermore, a train allows you to take breaks. If you don’t like long stretches of travel, you can plan your journeys to stop at locations along the way. Whether you need to stretch your legs or simply visit as many places as possible, the choice of being able to stop along the way is extremely useful.

Like travelling by plane, you also have the option of different classes. Most major train routes will operate both a passenger and first class system, allowing you the choice.

5. Cost Efficiency
Depending on your experience with trains, you may not realise how cost effective it can be. Most countries throughout Europe have reasonable travel prices. Careful planning can also help you save money, or allow you to afford extending your trip: a dedicated railway travel company such as Treyn Rail Holidays should be able to help with this.

There are various reasons why travelling by train is the best method. These 5 should surely help convince you that it is the best way to make the most of your travel opportunities.