Frieze Art Fair: Ones to watch

The Frieze Art Fair is a vast event showcasing numerous artists: we pick six of the best as our 'ones to watch' for the future

Now in its 13th year, Frieze London 2015 is inked firmly into every art aficionado’s calendar. It is a mammoth event – packed full of the world’s top galleries, straining their curatorial muscles to exhibit their best artists. Giants like Blum & Poe and Sadie Coles put the peacock into pop-up, cramming vast creative and commercial resources into six days in Regent’s Park. Nearby pieces by Ai Wei Wei and Warhol, are works by exciting new superstars of the international art scene.

Here are our pick of six of the best artists to watch at Frieze London 2015:

Caline Aoun, b. 1983
Grey Noise
Caline is a gifted Lebanese multimedia artist. Her practice is typified by her beguiling use of materials. It’s a delightful challenge to understand the physicality of her work. In the flesh her work displays a deftness of touch and feels deeply considered.       Caline Aoun

Image: Blue Paperplane, 2015

Charlie Billingham, b. 1984
Supportico Lopez
A painter of great talent and ingenuity – Charlie has a unique ability to conduct brilliant battles between historical motifs and medium. His work transitions seamlessly from painting into design and sculpture and benefits from the astute curatorial eye of his Italian gallery.Charlie Billingham

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Image: In Bloom, 2015

Eddie Peake, b. 1981
Galleria Lorcan O’Neill and White Cube
An incisive artist, who’s potential was recognised early by Jay Jopling’s White Cube. Eddie’s work is delightful in its boldness – his repertoire extends to choreographed performance and installations. A busy man, Eddie is currently showing his Curve commission The Forever Loop at the Barbican.Eddie Peake

Image: But I Lied, 2015 © the artist, Courtesy White Cube

Emily Mae Smith, b. 1979
Mary Mary
Emily’s slick style of painting is deceptive. At first glance it feels pleasingly pop – on further inspection, her work opens up a whole host of current and historical cultural concerns. Her pieces are thoughtful concoctions for the post internet age.Emily Mae Smith

Image: Fool Pavilion, 2015

Jaya Howey, b. 1973
Jaya specialises in intense narrative paintings that are stacked full of signs and symbols in profound black and white. These are very personal pieces, as illustrated by their delicate ceramic frames. Surely subjects like croquet have never been dealt with visually in such a punchy way? Jaya Howey

Image: Frolicsome Respite, 2015

Prem Sahib, b. 1982
Galleria Lorcan O’Neill
With a corresponding solo show at the ICA, Prem is perhaps more emerged than emerging. A witty and daring artist, whose work explores sex, drugs and electronic music. Like Caline, Charlie and Eddie, Prem is a Royal Academy Schools alumni. All 4, amongst others, are proving the value of that institutions management and teaching.  Prem Sahib

Image: Watch Queen Rise, 2015