In Focus: The breathtaking nature photography of David Yarrow

Renowned British photographer David Yarrow has spent decades capturing some of the planet’s most endangered species in their natural habitats.

Some of the best example of that work is featured in his new book, How I Make Photographs, published last week, which details the path that led him to photography.

He made a splash with a fortuitous shot of Argentina captain Diego Maradona holding the World Cup trophy aloft after the final in 1986 — an image which he only captured having bluffed his way into a role as a photographer at the football tournament.

Diego Maradona. ©David Yarrow

After that initial success Yarrow change tack, working as a banker in the 1990s — the book explains how he found his way back to his first love.

The book isn’t just a memoir, or a ‘greatest hits’, however. In it the photographer provides ‘a thorough masterclass in the art of creating artistic images with soul, depth and emotion’, according to publishers Laurence King Publishing.

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Members Only. ©David Yarrow

There are 82 illustrations of Yarrow’s work, but at the heart of the text are 20 chapters dedicated to invaluable advice for aspiring photographers, including guides to composition and perspective, tips on using remote cameras and dealing with dangerous animals.

As the images on this page show, this is advice worth taking from a master of his craft. The book is published by Laurence King Publishing at £14.99.

All You Need Is Love. ©David Yarrow

Bagheera. ©David Yarrow

Daddy’s Home. ©David Yarrow

Diamonds in the Sky. ©David Yarrow

Rajasthan. ©David Yarrow

Punk. ©David Yarrow

Face Off. ©David Yarrow

Gandalf. ©David Yarrow

The Barber Off Fairfax. ©David Yarrow

The Untouchables ©David Yarrow

The Departed. ©David Yarrow

Winter’s Coming. ©David Yarrow

Lion King. ©David Yarrow

Grumpy Monkey. ©David Yarrow