Fly to New York in style

If you're going to New York for just a short time, it's worth flying there and back in style

For voyaging to New York in the lap of luxury, look no further than new ‘boutique airline’ La Compagnie. Set up by two French businessmen who wanted to bring affordable business class flights to holidaymakers and businesspeople alike, La Compagnie is tempting transatlantic travellers with competitive fares and very tempting onboard perks.

Flying from La Compagnie’s base at Luton to Newark Liberty Airport is hugely enjoyable and gets your Big Apple holiday off to the most relaxing possible start. When you arrive at Luton you are checked in speedily as there are only 74 passengers as a maximum. You can then wait in the lounge until you board. On the other side, of course Newark is  convenient place to arrive, as it is less hectic than JFK and the traffic tends to be lighter.

The five-times-a-week service offers Boeing 757 planes that have been converted front to back into luxury seating. Prices start at £1,100, which is particularly worthwhile if you are on a short visit to the Big Apple and want to be on top form when you arrive – and when you come back.

Sleep is really La Compagnie’s big selling point. All 74 seats move in every conceivable direction and angle, which is sure to give you as a good a chance as you will ever get to sleep while zooming over the Atlantic. One of the best features on the amazingly comfortable chairs is the massage button. Add to that the proper pillows, nice blankets and quilted eye masks and you could pretty much be hunkering down in a real bed. Many fellow passengers on my flight had fallen asleep before the fasten seatbelt lights had gone off. The whole cabin is blissfully calm, lit gently in muted blue.

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If you do manage to stay awake for long enough then you can be rewarded with sample creams from Caudalie, free flowing champagne and wine, and delicious in-flight meals with proper crockery and glassware. All of the seats have Samsung tablets which contain the in-flight entertainment of magazines, audiobooks, music and films. Fans of James Bond will appreciate the emphasis on the Bond back catalogue. The tablets can be handheld, so if you want you can curl right up with your film – there’s no squinting at the back of the seat in front of you on this flight.

On the way back home you can enjoy the Art and Lounge at Newark with its unlimited food and drink, and magazines. Luggage-wise you will not have to worry that you have overdone the shopping as you get two bags checked in free of charge per person.

The only problem with this new luxury service is that going back to regular airlines will be that little bit more difficult.

The basic fare is £1,100 return from Luton to Newark.