Robert Bathurst of Cold Feet and Downton Abbey on the little luxuries in his life

Bespoke shoes, Royal Doulton china and some rather lovely curtains make actor Robert Bathurst's list.

The British actor has been a perennial face on our screens for decades, particularly for his role as David in ITV’s  Cold Feet –  the new series of ITV’s revival of the programme starts on September 8.

He also appeared in Downton Abbey as the widower Sir Anthony Strallan, whose tumultuous courtship of a much younger Lady Edith raised a few eyebrows.

Robert lives in East Sussex with his family.


My feet are different sizes and I thought I’d give each of them a present of some handmade shoes from James Taylor & Son on Paddington Street. They are the only true luxury I have. It could become a habit.

Bespoke shoes, £1,895 –

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This fabric was an early commission from us before Vanessa Arbuthnott’s business went global. She printed these curtains on her kitchen table and our curtains have travelled with me and my wife [the artist, Victoria Threlfall] wherever we’ve moved. They’re totemic of our ancient marriage. Vanessa’s customers are now more upmarket.

Fabrics from about £49.50 per metre –


This Royal Doulton china set was handed down to us and is the sort of thing you have in case The Queen comes to tea. I use it every day and risk them getting smashed with all the mugs. Tea does taste better in it and The Queen still hasn’t come.