10 rather lovely things for sale on Amazon Prime Day

It's not all Kindles and Echos. Here's our pick of some of the deals on Amazon's bumper sale day for their Prime members.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to get these offers – you can sign up for a free trial, however, or if you’ve already had a trial then you can get a month’s membership for £7.99. Given the deals on offer, that will generally make financial sense.

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen (medium nib) – Laque Noire Attributs Dores: RRP £190.00, down to £69.99

Put that biro away forever and write as you know you ought to – with a lovely fountain pen from a prestigious maker.

Trunki Ride-on Suitcase – Frank the Fire Engine: RRP £39.99, down to £25.99

One for the children, or grandchildren, these iconic roller-suitcases (first seen on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den) are on sale today, with several styles available. Frank is our favourite.

Le Creuset Classic Cast Iron Square Grillit, 26 cm – Satin Black: RRP £99.00, down to £49.99

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Le Creuset have a company policy of almost never allowing their goods to be sold at a discount, so this is a rare opportunity. Beware though: we’ve one of these at home, and they are very heavy indeed. But then if you have any other Le Creuset, you’d probably have guessed that already.

Flymo Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R: RRP £998.40, down to £449.99

Because why cut the lawn yourself when you can get a robot to do it? This is the sort of thing promised in The Jetsons half a century ago, and its time has finally come. Amazon do generally sell these at a discount price of around £600, but if you’ve been holding out at that mark then now is the time to swoop in.

Chateauneuf du Pape Chemin des Papes 2015, 75 cl: RRP £19.99, down to £13.40 a bottle

A wine that needs no introduction at a very decent price indeed.

Arlo Smart Home – 3 HD Security Camera Kit: RRP £409.99, down to £249.99 39%

Smart security for your home that links to your WIFI.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker: RRP £38.99, down to £27.99

Sadly, the gorgeous beagle puppy on the box is not included. But for owners of pets with a penchant for wandering off, this will be an absolute godsend.

Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test: RRP £59.41, down to £41.50

A terrific idea, this DNA test needs you to swab your dog’s inner cheek and send it off for analysis. They’ll tell you all sorts about your pooch’s family tree – particularly fascinating for owners of non-pedigree dogs.

Auchentoshan American Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky: RRP £37.00, down to £17.50

American oak refers to the casks in which this is matured – we’ve not tried this whisky, but it has reasonable reviews across the web and at well under twenty quid it seems rude not to give it a try.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky: RRP £166.59, down to £98.99

The makers market this as their absolute premium scotch, claiming that only one barrel in 10,000 is considered good enough to be added to this blend. It’s a true classic brand, and while it usually sells for a little under the RRP, the £99 price is a good £30 or so less than we’ve seen this elsewhere.