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Architect consultations from £40

Thousands of architects are getting involved with an annual scheme to raise funds for Shelter while helping property owners all over the UK. Many homeowners are currently considering improving their properties instead of moving house in the current market and Architect in the House is a scheme run between the Royal Association of British Architects (RIBA) and Shelter which allows homeowners to sign up for an hour’s consultation with a qualified RIBA architect for a minimum £40 donation to the charity.

The scheme aims to help thousands of homeowners who are staying put in their property and making the most of the space they’re in rather than selling their home. However, design consultations can be costly so RIBA is offering the services of over 15,000 architects who will all give an hour of their time for a donation to Shelter, the homeless charity. Whether it’s inspiration for a study, an extension, or just a better use of the space you have a RIBA architect can make a considerable difference to how you imagine your property could change for a relatively small contribution.

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Architect in the House has now been running for 13 years and has already raised £800,000 for Shelter which has gone towards helping thousands of families find and keep their homes and defend their health, education and wellbeing.

Those who want to get involved just need to fill in a form with their details and homeowners and architects will be matched in early July. For further information, and to sign up while there are still places available in this popular scheme, visit

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