Bird food: what to feed birds

Blackbirds: fruit (especially berries and apples), peanuts, cheese. They can also be tempted with soaked dried fruits

House sparrows: mealworms in the breeding season; you can also feed them sunflower hearts and seed mixes

Song Thrushes: fruit (particularly raisins, sultanas and currants) and peanut granules

Starlings: kitchen scraps, peanuts, fat blocks and seed mixes

Blue Tits: fat blocks, sunflower hearts, seed mixes and unsalted bacon

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Chaffinches: peanuts, sunflowers hearts and seeds

Robins: mealworms, waxworms, peanut granules, sunflower hearts and pinhead oats. They will also eat small pieces of over-ripe and dried, chopped fruits

Goldfinches: Nyjer seeds

Wrens: suet and grated mild cheese

For more information about what to feed birds, and what you shouldn’t give garden birds, visit: the RSPB’s information site.