Bristol Farm Shop makes jam out of customers’ spare homegrown fruit

The owners of Farrington’s Farm Shop in Bristol have come up with an unusual way to ensure the fruit in their jams and pies is locally sourced.

Andy and Tish Jeffrey farm 60 acres of organic land, but don’t tend to grow soft fruit as they find it too labour intensive.

Instead, since June, they’ve encouraged customers to bring in homegrown crops to swap for vegetables and treats from the farm kitchen.

Usually receiving around five kilos of fruit at a time, their largest donation was 12 pots of damsons. Plus, as harvest season kicks into full throttle Tish says she’s looking forward to an influx of pears and apples.

Produce is checked for quality and weighed before Andy and Tish offer farm shop goods – worth the same value – in return. Coleslaw, salads, jams and scones are always popular.

‘We’re hoping to run the swap shop for years and years. It’s not a one hit wonder,’ she says.

‘We want to encourage customers to think of Farrington’s as their farm shop.’

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