Castello cheeseboard masterclass

Cheese brand Castello, in partnership with renowned cookery school L’atelier des chefs, has launched a series of cookery classes.

The classes will focus on crafting the ultimate cheeseboard, paired with the perfect drink matches to bring out the flavour from each cheese, such as Sheppy’s Cider Bellini or Demi Sec Champagne.

Gastronaut Stefan Gates, who will be crafting the ultimate cheeseboard pairings, says ‘the cheeseboard can often be overlooked or brushed to the side at the end of a meal but with this masterclass we wanted to show how creative and exciting a cheeseboard can be in its own right.

‘With these creatively crafted pairings you will be sure to bring out the best flavours and add some extra magic to your meal.’

The courses will be running from 18th July to the 11th October and each course will run three to four times. They include the Ultimate Cheeseboard, Tart and Cheeseboard, Soufflé and Cheeseboard, and Pasta and Cheeseboard.

For more information or to book a place, visit the L’atelier des Chefs website here. For more information on the Castello range, visit the Castello Cheese website here.

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