CLA rejects Defra fly-tip claim

The CLA (Country Land and Business Association) says it rejects apparent claims from Defra that ‘all councils were judged to have fly-tipping and graffiti under control’.

Defra’s claims, reports the CLA, come in a survey carried out as part of its Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

CLA President Henry Aubrey-Fletcher said: ‘This statement just could not be more wrong. If councils have fly-tipping under control it is because the problems are being pushed somewhere else, this would explain why farmers and landowners are seeing a continual rise in fly-tipping on private land.

‘We feel a dismissive statement like this does nothing but severely underestimate the issue as the causes of the problem are not being addressed.’

The CLA launched a campaign against fly-tipping at the CLA Game Fair in July, and has rejected Defra’s apparent claims that fly-tipping and graffiti are under control.
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