Entire Derbyshire village is recreated in whisky-laced fruit cake

Eyam residents can enjoy their community landmarks, including pub, shop and tea room in edible form.

An ambitious baker has recreated an entire Derbyshire village with decorated fruit cakes.

Lynn Nolan modelled the replica of Eyam from 65 different cakes, incorporating 608 eggs, 33kg of self-raising flour and 33kg of brown sugar.

The edible settlement includes local landmarks such as the pub, church, tea rooms and shops, as well as people’s homes, in impressive detail.

The true-to-life houses have tiled icing roofs, window boxes and intricate gardens, and businesses are finished with realistic signage and displays. Many of the buildings even light up, using a clever technique involving carving marzipan, adding to the charm of the miniature marvel.

What’s more, the cake will remain edible for longer than you might imagine thanks to its whisky content — eight litres in total — so the sweet treat doesn’t have to be devoured in one go.

It took retired florist Lynn three months to construct the village, including 645 hours of icing alone, and her efforts intend to raise funds for a community bus service.

The Eyam cake village will be on display at Eyam Parish Church until the end of November, before the buildings are auctioned off individually.

Lynn said she was ‘relieved’ the cake village had arrived at the church in one piece.

‘Oh God, it was taking up so much space at home,’ she told the BBC. ‘I couldn’t use the front bedroom because it was full of cake. I had boards on the bed and you couldn’t see anything for cake.’

This is not the first time Mrs Nolan has accomplished an impressive cake creation — she previously baked her home village of Youlgreave and recreated a miniature Bethlehem — and she isn’t ruling out any further baking challenges.

‘I know I’ve said never again, but I like messing, fiddling around with the little bits and the detail of it,’ she added. ‘I enjoy doing that and it’s for a good cause.’