Jamie Oliver unable to save Pink Pig’s bacon

The pig farm The Pink Pig near Scunthorpe has announced it is to stop feeding livestock organic pig feed and return to feeding their livestock conventional pig feed in an effort not to pass on rising prices to their customers. Organic pig feed costs have doubled in six months to £410 per tonne from £220 per tonne, and the cost for non-organic feed is just £180 a tonne.

Although the farm will continue to refrain from using pesticides it will now no longer qualify for stringent rules under which the organic status is awarded, although their pigs are 100% free range and the Pink Pig also conforms to Soil Association standards for welfare. 

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‘We are disappointed not to be able to continue to retain true organic status, but we have to listen to the needs of our customers without compromising on welfare,’ said farm owner Sally Jackson. ‘The publicity caused by Jamie Oliver’s investigation into pig welfare and pork labelling standards is very welcome for farmers like us. Customers who know about the low welfare standards associated with imported pork will hopefully be more likely to buy truly free range British pork in the future.’

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