Most popular destinations for UK holidaymakers

A new survey has produced a list of the top ten holiday destinations for British people staying on home soil this summer. According to British hotel chain Travelodge the most popular choice for those holidaying at home this summer is Cornwall, closely followed by the Lake District.

Other strong contenders for the top spot include the Yorkshire Dales, the Scottish Highlands & Islands, and Edinburgh. Travelodge spokesman Paul Harvey predicted that ‘the summer of 2009 is set to be a big year for the British tourism industry.’

He attributed this profitable forecast to ‘glorious weather and a majority of holidaymakers looking to stay at home…this year the resorts and destinations of the UK will be jam packed with British tourists.’

In 2008 33% of British people holidayed abroad, which has dropped to 27% this year. Just under a third of those planning a summer break are now planning to do so surrounded by great British scenery.

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Forty percent of those staying at home will be heading for the seaside, and 24% are staying in the countryside. A further 18% will be taking a theme park-inspired break, 8% up on last year.

Overall holidaymakers will be spending an average of £567 on their holiday, which is down from £631 in 2008. The greatest expense is expected to be accommodation, closely followed by attractions, eating out and travel.

* Top ten holiday destinations for those staying at home this summer:

1. Cornwall
2. Lake District
3. Yorkshire Dales
4. Scottish Highlands & Islands
5. Edinburgh
6. London
7. Isle of Wight
8. Devon
9. Norfolk Broads
10. South Wales

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