North Norfolk declares itself open for business

Despite some news reports, the North Norfolk Coast is open for business and everyone is welcome to come and visit this winter, say residents

There have been some really tough days (and nights) in North Norfolk recently, with very significant damage and some businesses and homes have been very badly affected, but best way to support them is to keep visiting and keep enjoying the glorious North Norfolk Coast.
The good news is that the majority of locals are looking forward to the festive run up to Christmas, and then those wonderful deep winter months when the coastline is filled with wildlife. Burnham Deepdale locals, in particular, wanted to be useful by identifying businesses that are still open and will be over the holiday season, so people can plan their escape to this beautiful part of the world.

Although the coastal footpath is temporarily closed in places, there are still plenty of places to walk (with or without dogs) and the wildlife watching & birding is still fantastic.
Holkham Christmas Celebrations

A series of event through December Christmas at Holkham Hall

Brancaster mussels are in Season

And available from most local pubs and restaurants; there are incredible displays of geese in the sky morning and evening, until late February.

Seal pups

The storm surge hasn’t affected the Seal Pups on Blakeney Point and you can see them throughout the winter.

The Norfolk Coast Path

Quite a few of the sea walls and flood banks have been affected, but 53km of the 67km Norfolk Coast Path remain open. Work is ongoing in the damage areas and the situation will continue to improve.
Brancaster Beach

A very changed landscape, but still as beautiful as ever
Holkham Beach

Also quite changed from last month, but still very beautiful
Wells-next-the-Sea Beach

With all these beaches, its ‘Spot the Difference’ time, with some minor and some really major changes showcasing the power of nature over our landscape

Holkham Nature Reserve

Holkham nature reserve is actually now packed with displaced freshwater wildlife from other places on the North Norfolk Coast
Snettisham Woodland Walk 

A 2.6 mile walk through Lodge Hill Plantation
The Sandringham Estate 

Visitors can see around the house, museum, country park and visitor centre this year.

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