Prince Charles attacks coastline litter

Prince Charles has attacked the ‘throwaway society’ that ruins the British coastline with litter, causing harm to many sea birds and mammals.

Prince Charles’s comments were made during a speech at Clarence House for the 25th anniversary of the Marine Conservation Society.

The Prince said a ‘wake up call’ was needed, as ‘the remnants of our throwaway society are causing incalculable suffering to turtles, whales and seabirds’. He said that there was a ‘systematic decline in the state of our seas’.

Professor David Bellamy was singled out for praise by the Prince for his marine conservation work.

Country Life voted Prince Charles one of the best guardians of the countryside in our Voice of the Countryside survey 2008. The Prince said that much work needed to be done still to protect the British coastline from litter discarded by a ‘throwaway society’.

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