The Queen marks Sapphire Jubilee by wearing sapphires given to her by her late father

Monday 6 February marks the 65th anniversary of the day Her Majesty The Queen acceded to the throne.

Queen Elizabeth’s father, George VI, died after a long illness exactly 65 years ago today.

That meant the young Princess Elizabeth came to the throne in sad circumstances, having lost her much-beloved father at the age of just 25.

In that light, there is a lovely touch in the official portrait of The Queen shared by the Royal Family on Monday morning: her majesty is pictured wearing  sapphire jewellery given to her by her father back in 1947.

The Queen and her father had a very strong relationship with the man she called “papa”, and a candid photograph taken of the pair in 1942 shows George VI talking through affairs with the daughter he knew would one day replace him as monarch.

11th April 1942: Princess Elizabeth talking to her father, King George VI whilst he goes through the Royal boxes in a study at Windsor Castle, Berkshire.

Ten years later, the King died of cancer while the young princess was on a visit to Kenya in his place.

Though Elizabeth officially became the monarch in February 1952, her coronation didn’t take place until June of the following year.