Selfridges launches a new Confectionary Hall

At the beginning of next year, Selfridges will be launching a new Confectionary Hall that will include over 50 new brands consisting of 200 new products, and the hall itself will span over 4000sq ft.

It will be the most extensive confectionary hall Selfridges has ever had and will include brands such as the first Pierre Marcolini concession outside of Belgium and the American confectioners IT’Sugar that showcase the vast amount of American gummies.

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The Hall will also include a Chocolate Library complete with a ‘Chocarian’ who will be able to recommend a chocolate perfect for your personal taste, and the new confectionary range of Selfridges itself, with firm favourites such as chocolate fudge and marshmallows, will go on sale.

The new Confectionary Hall will be launching in January 2014.

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