Sir David Attenborough is powerful tool for conservation

Sir David Attenborough is “a powerful tool for conservation”, acccording to Harriet Mead, president of the Society of Wildlife Artists.

Introducing Sir Attenborough at the launch of the society’s 50th Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, Ms Mead sought to explain the crucial role he plays


I think is so incredible about Sir David is that he communicates to

people from all backgrounds,” she said. “And that is such powerful tool for


Sir Attenborough followed Ms Mead with a rousing speech about the importance of wildlife art and filmmaking in a technology-obsessed age.

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He said artworks – like those on show at the event – reintroduce people to the beauty of nature and draw attention to conservation work which needs to be done.

The collection of 330 works by renowned artists including John Busby and Carl Ellis and Matt Underwood will run from 31 October to 10 November.

Admission is £3 with cheaper prices for concessions and free entry for children younger than 18.

Ranging from sculptures to pencil sketches, highlights include Robert Gilmor’s Bull o’ the Bog linocut and Ms Mead’s towering Hammer Horned Giraffe.

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