Take part in free dawn chorus events

The Wildlife Trusts (TWT) is running a series of free local events to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday, May 2, which calls attention to the wonders of the dawn chorus which were outlined in COUNTRY LIFE last month.

These events, organised by local bird and wildlife conservation groups, include birdsong breakfasts, dawn chorus walks, educational courses and family camping.

Singing WrenWren – Stewart McDonald

In previous years, thousands of people have taken part all over the world.

Bill Oddie, vice president of TWT, recommended the events as great ways to hear more specialist species, such as his favourite, the grasshopper warbler, which ‘sounds like a fishing rod being reeled in. Listen out for it on the edges of damp, grassy fields or reedbeds’.

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Grashopper WarblerGrasshopper warbler – Stefan Johansson

Stephanie Hilborne, chief executive of TWT, added: ‘Wherever you are, the cacophony of birdsong that welcomes a new day is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

‘It becomes even more intriguing when you consider the reasons behind the chorus-territories claimed, partners fought for, masculinity displayed.

‘Join your local Wildlife Trust and make sense of what you’re hearing, as experts help you identify which call belongs to which birds, and why they’re calling.’

RobinRobin – Neil Aldridge

To find events near you or get involved, visit the International Dawn Chorus Day events page, or read John Humphreys’ reflections on the dawn chorus.

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