Country houses for sale

The world’s most expensive properties

The average price for a house on the Forbe’s list of the most expensive properties in the world has risen by a little more than a million dollars to $48.4 million. However, the top spot price has lost some of its sheen; the last time it was occupied by a house for sale at $125m was in 2005.

Holmby Hills Estate between Beverly Hills and Bel Air, California. The $125 million Versailles-style property has 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. But its asking price is a sign of the times.

Dunnellen Hall, a Jacobean style manor in Greenwich, Connecticut, which has vaulted ceilings and marble floors.

£70 million Updown Court, Surrey – (advertised on the most expensive house for sale in the UK. It is larger than both Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court and features an indoor squash court and a heated driveway.

Nevada property of Joel Horowitz, joint founder of Tommy Hilfiger, which is on the market for $100 million. The Lake Tahoe property, which includes a wine cellar with 3,500 bottles.

A mansion in Moscow which has Russian and Turkish baths.


Hillandale estate in Stamford, Connecticut, which is modelled on an English country estate and is prices at $95m.

An $88 million, 11-bed mansion on the French Riviera with manicured lawns and a spectacular infinity pool

The bootjack Ranch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, which includes guest cabins and lodges.

Wallace Neff-designed mansion in Bel Air, California, which has a giant central atrium.

A modern beach mansion in Southampton, NY for $80m.

Note: The Forbes list is compiled only of publicly listed properties and does not take into account properties which are marketed and sold privately.