We Love…Keynoir

There are hundreds of websites promising discounted once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but Keynoir is different. By joining its 120,000 members, you save on everything from Michelin-starred restaurants and country-house hotels to language lessons and super-car driving days. But there’s also the reassurance that, instead of an endless stream of bland offerings, you simply receive a handpicked, luxury few–a new one every day. Each thoroughly vetted and road-tested.

For those who haven’t the time or the inclination to scour the internet for unique presents and special treats, www.keynoir.com is the answer. In the words of CEO Graeme Walker, ‘this isn’t just about the saving–although that never goes amiss–but the experience’. Opportunities such as shadowing a zookeeper, or guitar lessons with a rock star don’t come around every day, but Keynoir really does open doors.