Crazy about collies

Intelligent and affectionate, collies are as at home on the sofa as they are in the field. Matthew Dennison rounds up devotees of these wonderful working dogs.

Irish Terrier - Country Life

Irish terriers: The gentleman’s dog

The charming Irish terrier, devoted friend to soldiers and princes alike, is in danger of dying out, but its followers are determined to turn things around. James Jackson reports

Patterdale terrier

Presenting the Patterdale terrier

The Patterdale terrier is a tough, hardy, beautiful dog bred in the Lakeland fells, with a doughty character and a wonderful soft side

The dogs of WW2

Dogs and the Second World War

The War Office invites dog owners to lend their dogs to the Army,’ stated an appeal in British newspapers on May 5, 1941, despite a general feeling in Whitehall that…