How to enjoy a rainy day at the beach

You have planned a family walk on the beach. You have regularly checked the weather forecast for the past week, praying that the ‘developing low bringing rain and squally winds’ does not develop, but it does. Of course it does, this is the summer of 2012. What to do next? Do you cancel all your plans, and spend a lazy day at home, or do you behave like any true Brit, and battle through determined to enjoy the beautiful beach come rain or shine?

The first, and most vital step is to dig out your waterproofs, which in any ordinary summer would not be needed for a good few more months, but not this year. Despite the rain and grey skies, temperatures could well be higher than they may look. Shorts and wellies is certainly an acceptable look on a soaked beach, and with your Barbour zipped right up, you should keep the rain out. You may initially find yourself questioning your sanity, but persevere, before long you will have forgotten the rain and instead be revelling in the beauty of a probably deserted wild landscape, only being made all the more dramatic by the driving rain.

If you have your dogs (or any young children!) with you, take a ball. The rain will not bother them, and although the thought of constantly throwing a sandy sodden tennis ball might not be your idea of fun, it certainly will be theirs.

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Something which initially might not have struck you as an enjoyable way to spend your afternoon is by getting even wetter and going for a swim. The miserable grey water might not look that appealing, but a dash into the sea, a quick dunk of your head beneath the water, and a quick dash back out to a waiting warm towel can be surprisingly liberating, enjoyable and also very good for you.

However if the weather is really unbearable, rather than battling on, why not retreat to the nearest establishment serving something hot, and enjoy the wild landscape from the comfort of a dry, warm cafe. The chances are you will probably find the rest of the would-be beach goers doing exactly the same thing.

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