Recipe for homemade saddle soap

Recently after getting home after the last day of the hunting season, I realised (after scanning every cupboard) that I did not have any saddle soap. It was a miserable day for going out so I decided that instead of driving to Scats and paying near ten pounds for the stuff, I would make my own version – how hard could it be?
My grandmother (the wonderful woman she is) of course had a fabulous recipe for saddlesoap. I was so impressed with the results that I thought I should share the recipe with anyone else who was caught in a similar situation – I even used it on my ancient boots, which haven’t gleamed quite so much in a very long time.

To make around four pints you will need:

* 2 pints of Water
* 115ml of Neat’s-foot oil
* 24 tablespoons of grated Ivory Soap
* 225ml of melted Beeswax


* Bring the water to boil in a saucepan and reduce heat, adding the Ivory soap until it is all completely melted.

* Heat the beeswax and neat’s-foot oil together and stir until they have combined.

* Remove the beeswax and neat’s-foot oil from the heat and add to the water and soap.

* Stir until thick.

* Transfer the soap into small containers

* To use, apply with a damp sponge, then buff with a soft cloth.