Best of Britain: The Princess Royal on horses

The Princess Royal
Former European Eventing Champion and President of the Fédération Équestre Internationale from 1986 to 1994

‘The British Isles owe a debt to horses, ponies and donkeys for their contribution to its development and success. Their roles as the main providers of transport and logistics and source of power on farms may have changed, but their place in the hearts and fields of the British people suggests a strong connection that still has real benefits for both people and horses. Attractive and challenging, they eat grass, employ people and contribute about £7 billion to the UK economy. Owning, riding, watching-what pleasure and fun we can derive from them, especially if we maintain the environment that they enjoy the most: open spaces, grass fields, hedges, trees and clean waterways. We still owe them a debt. ’

Simply the best

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