The best 10 summer films ever

Ready for the summer holidays but need a few films on your Ipad for the journey, or an unexpected rainy day? Read our list of the best summer films to keep the excitement alive, whatever the weather

So it’s not exactly set in the summer holiday, but it does begin and end with it. Catchy tunes, romantic mix ups and unbeatable fashion make this high school movie an all time summer loving’ classic.

grease poster

Little Miss Sunshine
If you’re looking for a feel-good flick, look no further. Little Miss Sunshine chronicles the journey of a dysfunctional family on route to a children’s beauty pageant. Chaos and hilarity reigns along the way in this truly touching film.

Almost Famous
You can’t beat William Miller’s summer holiday in this film: sent on an assignment for Rolling Stones magazine, high school student Miller goes on the road with rock band Stillwater. If you don’t appreciate the film (which you will), you will certainly appreciate the soundtrack.

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It may put you off swimming in the sea forever, but Spielberg’s blockbuster about a great white shark attacking beachgoers is an absolute necessity on any summer film list.

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The Parent Trap
The film that made everyone desperate to go to summer camp and find their long lost twin with whom they could switch places and fool their none-the-wiser parents, this remake is plenty of fun and a very young Lindsey Lohan at her best.

American Graffiti
Directed and co-written by George Lucas, American Graffiti captures the cruising culture of the 1960s. Hilarious story lines and memorable characters make this a brilliant nostalgic summer flick.

american graffiti poster

Dirty Dancing
Baby gets more than she bargained for at a summer resort when she meets dance instructor Johnny Castle and ends up becoming his dance partner. Watch it at the beginning of the summer and spend the next few months on youtube learning the routine.

The Talented Mr Ripley
When conman Tom Ripley is hired to persuade the rich and attractive Dickie to return home from his extended holiday, he gets caught up in the lavish lifestyle Dickie leads. Excellent performances and beautiful shots of the Italian coastline – much of which was shot on the island of Ischia, next to Capri.

Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday
How much chaos can one clumsy man cause when simply trying to take a summer holiday? Quite a lot it would seem. Laugh out loud fun this film is a classic for all ages of viewer.

les vacances de m. hulot poster

Dazed and Confused
A wonderful ensemble cast includes the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck and Milla Jovovich as the plot follows teenagers in 1976 celebrating the last day of school.

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