Bond on Bond

There are many events and publications planned for this 50th anniversary of the release of Dr No in 1962, but there will be few more charming than Bond on Bond by Sir Roger Moore. He shares his memories of playing the part and never shies away from sending himself up at every opportunity. The crew making the movies became like a family, with two or even three generations joining over the years and it’s clear to see how much affection they have for each other.

The book is packed full with photos covering all the years of the series as well as behind-the-scenes and candid shots-some of the captions caused me to laugh so loudly on the way to work, I half expected to be asked to leave the train. Indeed, when the book arrived in the office, it proved such a hit that all work stopped while we flipped through it.

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Sir Roger covers all the elements that go to make a successful Bond film, from the locations to 007’s glamorous co-stars, and rates his fellow Bonds-he was one of the first to champion Daniel Craig.

If you have a Bond fan in your life, this is definitely the way to please them and make the anticipation for Skyfall a little easier to bear. And, as some of the royalties from each book will go to UNICEF, you’ll be helping children too.

Sir Roger Moore will be interviewed in the next edition of Country Life International, out on November 7.

Bond on Bond: the ultimate book on 50 years of Bond movies
Roger Moore
£25; Michael O’Mara Books