Book Review : Horse Gunners

Horse Gunners is essentially a picture book covering last year’ s unique Golden Jubilee programme of the Troop. The photographs of Julian Calder and Henry Dallal are especially evocative and give the reader a tremendous feel for what goes on behind the gates of St John’ s Wood Barracks. Sgt Gray and Bombardier Lewis (whose photograph is on the front cover) have also contributed.

Col Bill Clarke has written the two short chapters on the historical background. They are well written in a crisp, succinct style, so it is not long before you are enjoying the photographs of draught parades in the mud of January. I spotted only one mistake: it was of course on August 4, 1914, not August 14, that war was declared, but it is interesting to muse on the fact that the guns we see on parade today are the very same as were in action at Mons and later battles in that fatal war.

If you want to enjoy some superb photography and you are curious about this little-known unit of the British Army then I recommend you invest in this book. You will be fascinated as I still am and it will not dent your purse, for the Troop published it themselves.