Mud and the City

Mud & the City
Jessica Fellowes
Book Guild Publishers (£9.99)

This handy guide – which is small enough to slip into the poacher’s pocket of any Barbour (both new and old) – is a delightfully amusing entree for any townie wanting to unravel the unspoken rules of living in the country.

Written by the former deputy editor of Country Life, Jessica Fellowes, Mud and the City tackles all the common pitfalls that townies unwittingly make when venturing beyond the comforting confines of the M25: from dress codes to country codes.

Or as Clive Aslet, Jessica’s former boss and editor-at-large of Country Life recommends: ‘Readers need never fall in a social cowpat again.”

A perfect stocking filler for any dyed-in-the-wool urbanite who is gathering themselves to make the move to the countryside this Christmas.

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