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Top end villas in Portugal for sale

The construction of the high-end Quintas de Óbidos on the Silver Coast in Portugal continues, and far from falling in price, these properties are providing very good returns

The Quintas de Óbidos Country Club is a high-end new development right on the Portuguese Silver Coast. On this wild, rugged coastline well-loved by surfers and beach-babes alike, the Club aims to provide large luxurious properties on considerable plots of land, with an equestrian centre attached for horse-lovers.

All architect designed, there are 16 different models of property available to the buyer, all based along traditional Portuguese lines but, naturally, with completely modern fixtures and fittings.

There are to be just 79 private villas on a 59 hectare site which gives each villa private grounds of 1.3 acres, and an average of 8,500 sq ft of living space. All properties will have their own large swimming pool, landscaped gardens and grounds. Fresh water lakes and mature trees will pepper the site to provide natural wildlife habitats in a wonderful setting.

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The quality of the properties make them an ideal escape for those who want a place in the sun away from the crowds – and soaring temperatures – of the Algarve and a good deal of interest has already sprung up around the project, which is about an hour’s drive north of Lisbon airport. This interest has led to the Managing Director of Quintas de Óbidos, Miguel Abreu, says prices are going up: ‘On the whole, prices are holding up in Portugal,’ he says. ‘We remain bullish and, along with most new developers in the area, will not drop prices. In fact, our prices have increased 16% since we started on site in 2007, and they are set to increase again in the next few months. We have sold or reserved 24 villas with the first six now underway.’

As well as an outstanding property, owners will also have the advantage of utilising the Country Club and equestrian facilities. The Country Club will have a restaurant, spa, swimming pools, tennis courts, a sports pitch and a childrens’ play area. A championship golf course is just 300m from the entrance.

Prices at Quintas de Óbidos range from €1.5m to €1.9m. For further information please visit or telephone +351 22 606 1540.

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