Country Life 1 March 2023

Country Life 1 March 2023 looks at the rise of the Jack Russell, camellias, the farmer's new dilemma and where to buy a house.

London Life

BBC Radio 4 presenter Justin Webb on dawn in the capital, the legacy of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and the loss of market life


The vivid blooms of Chiswick House’s 18th-century camellias captivate Jack Watkins

In search of desirable residences

As the debate over new housing developments rages, Roger White looks at best and bad practice across Dorset

Native breeds

Kate Green salutes Clydesdales

Farming on the edge

What do real farmers think of Defra’s post-Brexit plans? Julie Harding finds out

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Brave new world? Or same old?

Jamie Blackett fears that the new ELMS are good neither for farmers nor the environment

I’m all right, Jack

Irrepressible, tough and highly intelligent, Jack Russells are flying high, finds India Sturgis

Properties of the week

James Fisher reveals his choice of the country’s top new homes

Debbie Wiseman’s favourite painting

The coronation composer picks a many-layered Cubist piece

Home on the range

Carla Carlisle despairs of today’s lack of common sense when it comes to farm diversification

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell gathers flowers


A light-filled kitchen and high-lights of London Design Week

Following the sun

An Arts-and-Crafts base meets modern glass in the redesign of Grey Gables, Buckinghamshire, discovers Tiffany Daneff

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson on rhubarb


Take to the high seas, on Adam Hay-Nicholls’s intrepid voyages (page 104), with Ben Lerwill in Antarctica (page 108) and Pamela Goodman on the Nile (page 116) or follow Mark Hedges to fishing paradise on Alphonse (page 110)

To sing like a Byrd

William Byrd’s music is still sung, 400 years after his turbulent times, reveals Henrietta Bredin

And much more