Country Life 10 October 2018

Country Life 10 October 2018 looks at the best that London has to offer, and meets the man they call the ‘paint detective’.

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THE ITALIAN EMBASSY: Michael Hall takes a tour of what has been called the most beautiful building of its kind.

LONDON’S MOST EXCLUSIVE CLUBS: Adam Hay-Nicholls steps into a surprisingly varied world.

TEAL: This vividly-coloured bird catches the eye of David Profumo.

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INTERIORS: Meet Patrick Baty, the ‘paint detective’.

FAVOURITE PAINTING: Chris Smith of Pembroke College chooses a radiant fresco.

LIVING NATIONAL TREASURE: The stone conservationist.

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THE GARDENS OF LONDON: A capital place for flowers.

CABBAGES: Thank Melanie Johnson for these ways to improve this simple vegetable.

THE APPLE OF OUR EYE: Eleanor Doughty tells the Bramley apple story.

HOUSEBOATS: A hobby and a home.

PROPERTY: The latest from London’s market.

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