Country Life 14 October 2020

Country Life 14 October 2020 delights in dahlias, visits Cadenham Manor, marvels at Hampton Court and much more.

Find out more:

DELIGHTFUL DAHLIAS: Alan Titchmarsh on the cheerful flower.

OLD HOUSE, NEW KITCHEN: Giles Kime on wonderful kitchens in beautiful old houses.

THE WONDERFULLY CRAZY CHURCHES OF WALES: Set into cliff-faces, inaccessible at high tide and many more besides.

STANLEY SPENCER: A tangled love life that left behind remarkable art.

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CARLA CARLISLE: Our columnist remembers when presidential debates were rather more, and even less, presidential than in 2020.

HAMPTON COURT’S GREAT HALL PART 2: John Goodall finishes his work.

RATTAN: Easy on the eye, easy on the body. (Not so much on the wallet.)

LOVELY LEEKS: Tom Parker-Bowles salutes mild, sweet and versatile veg.