Country Life 2 October 2019

Country Life 2 October 2019 looks at the Georgians, visits a Northern Ireland landmark, walks Northumberland and cooks with butternut squash.

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PROPERTY: 71 pages of the finest properties, in Britain and across the world.

THE GEORGIANS: Their finest architecture — and their woeful Parliament, which makes the 2019 vintage not seem quite so bad.

HILLSBOROUGH CASTLE: The revival of this superb landmark in Northern Ireland.

SHOOTING LIFE: Gundogs as pets and the perfect country sports car.

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ANIMAL MAGIC: A water buffalo on a British farm.

AUTUMN SEASON GUIDE: What to wear, and how to survive.

WALKING LIFE: Northumberland offers solace to Fiona Reynolds.

POTTERY: Traditional methods are still thriving in Burleigh.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH: The perfect winter warming dish.

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