Country Life 20 July 2022

Country Life 20 July 2022 looks at weasels and minks, cornflowers and castles, Romans and round tables, and much more.

Scent to try us

The mustelid family attracts opprobrium, but the likes of mink and weasel are not all bad, avers John Lewis-Stempel

Sapphires in the cereal

The resurgence of the beloved, health-giving cornflower is to be rejoiced, says Ian Morton

Living with the Romans

The ghosts of legions long gone can still be found on country estates from Northumberland to West Sussex. Bronwen Riley meets their modern guardians

Founding fathers

Mark Hedges visits Lindisfarne Castle, home to his editorial forebear Edward Hudson

Over the hills and far away

Decades of work have created an idyllic Marcher garden at Hurdley Hall, Montgomeryshire, discovers George Plumptre

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All is safely gathered in

Jamie Blackett bales the silage and longs for turtle doves


Jack Watkins admires a pioneering historian of landscape

English homes old and new  

John Goodall turns his attention to mid-Georgian architecture, in the seventh in our anniversary series on the country house


From cruises to John le Carré


A townhouse and round tables

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson on blackcurrants

The good stuff

Hetty Lintell in Game Fair garb

Cricket and crotchets

There are more links between music and sport than you might expect, finds Claire Jackson

A storming start

Tempest triumph sets off Chekhovian failure for Michael Billington

And much more