Country Life 22 May 2024

Country Life 22 May 2024 is our West Country special, looking at everything from clotted cream to the joys of trips down the A303, plus 93 pages of property.

Why we love (and hate) the A303

Julie Harding travels the long and winding road to the West Country, taking in the sights and picking out some of the best stop-offs to enrich what can often be a frustrating journey

The cream of the crop

Whether you side with Devon or Cornwall in the great cream-or-jam-first debate, you simply must go for clotted on your scones, says Julie Harding

Under the Cornish sun

Great artists were drawn to the dramatic Cornwall coastline and their colonies in St Ives and Newlyn helped to make the county famous the world over, finds Michael Prodger

Alison Weir’s favourite painting

The historian and author picks a work that reflects the beauty and mystery of a British summer

The legacy: Sir Peter Scott

The first Briton to be knighted for services to conservation, Sir Peter Scott was at the very forefront of a worldwide movement, as Kate Green discovers

Recommended videos for you

A valley of delightful beauty

In the first of two articles, David Robinson investigates the remarkable history of medieval Hartland Abbey in Devon

Claws for celebration

From coastlines to constellations, crabs are a constant on Britain’s craggy shores. Helen Scales has a word in your shell-like

Romancing the stone

Dry-stone waller Tom Trouton is a master of the craft, as his innovative tree, fruit and animal creations show, says Annie Gatti

Walking with giants

Manjit Dhillon strides across Dartmoor in the sizeable footsteps of gargantuan Gogmagog

Why do people like fishing?

A cast of thousands enjoy the sport of fly-fishing, from Coco Chanel to Eric Clapton, so what is the lure, asks David Profumo

The good stuff

There’s hysteria over wisteria as Hetty Lintell goes all-out floral


Giles Kime and Arabella Youens are dazzled by bright, light white

The contented garden

George Plumptre admires the beauty of a mature garden as he revisits Chilcombe House, Dorset

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson celebrates the definitive spring herb: tarragon

Native herbs

There’s so much more to nettles than their painful sting, reveals forager extraordinaire John Wright

A game of two halves

How did the humble sandwich rise to its current culinary heights? Emma Hughes eats her fill of the great British buttie

The forbidden flower

Love is in the air for John Wright as he experiences the heady scent of tuberose, reputed to ignite passions in the fairer sex

And much more