Country Life 24 February 2021

Country Life 24 February 2021 looks at blackthorn, winter and the enduring Dürer.

MORVILLE HALL: Medieval magnificence in The Dower House Garden at Morville Hall, Shropshire.

ALFRED LEETE: Best known for wartime posters, Alfred Leete could capture canines and Bertie Wooster alike, finds Nicholas Hodge.

FABULOUS FRAMES: A frame can elevate or diminish a painting, illustrate its history or transform it, says Catriona Gray.

ALBRECHT DURER: The German artist and print-maker is worthy of the respect afforded the greatest of all Old Masters, asserts Michael Prodger.

SCHOOL LIFE: How schools are embracing online learning with imagination and success; why Forest Schools are a breath of fresh air; the Imperial architecture of Haileybury, Hertfordshire; and what military families value for their children’s education.

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MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Gyles Brandreth picks a radiant portrait.

BLACKTHORN: Hedgerows will soon be awash with white blossom amid sharp thorns.

TO DYE FOR: A remarkable range of kitchen waste and plants can be used for dying, reveals Maggie Chaplin.

WINTER’S LATE RALLY: John Lewis-Stempel is caught unawares as the wind changes.

LUXURY: This week’s collection of things you really don’t need, but would definitely rather like, include bespoke dressing gowns, fine watches and Alice Fox-Pitt’s favourite things.

INTERIORS: A gardener’s library and the modern modest sofa.

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