Country Life 24 July 2019

Country Life 24 July 2019 launches a campaign to find the naughtiest dog in Britain, celebrates the nightingale and speaks to a modern art dealer whose favourite painting turns out to be 350 years old.

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NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY: Do you own Britain’s naughtiest dog? Share his or her details with us and make your pooch famous.

FLAT CAPS: Do they denote raconteurs? Rob Crossan believes so.

NIGHTINGALES: John Lewis-Stempel on the silvery-voiced birds.

RARE PEAS: The story of Lady Penny Mountbatten, a long-lost sweet pea.

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A DUCHESS’S DOGS: The Duchess of Rutland on her shi tzuhs.

SITTING ROOMS: How make them truly welcoming.

THE HOUSE THAT INSPIRED JANE EYRE: Non Morris visits Norton Conyers.

FAVOURITE PAINTING: Art dealer James Mayor specialises in modern stuff for his business — but chooses a Dutch master as his number one.

KITCHEN GARDEN COOK: Melanie Johnson cooks cracking carrots.

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